The International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) is a unique team-based tennis league founded by multiple grand-slam winner, India’s Mahesh Bhupathi. Played across 4 countries in Asia, the inaugural edition in 2014 featured 21 Grand Slam Champions and 14 current/former World Number Ones. Micromax Indian Aces won the 2014 title and prize money of USD 1 million. The inaugural edition was played in front of packed audiences in Manila, Singapore, New Delhi and Dubai between 28th November and 13th December 2014.

The 2nd edition will run from 2nd to 20th December 2015 – Japan (2nd – 4th Dec), Philippines (6th – 8th Dec), India (10th – 12th Dec), Dubai (14th – 16th Dec) and Singapore (18th – 20th Dec).

The IPTL promises to ‘Break the Code’ of the game’s traditional etiquette in order to attract a new audience to the sport. Modeled after successful international sports franchise concepts and being recognized as tennis’ newest spectacle, the IPTL combines world-class sport and entertainment in a format that keeps both spectators and global TV viewers thoroughly engaged.

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